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Hello Neighbour, 

Thornton Farm2home is a family owned business in Leslieville, providing customers across Toronto with fresh food from local farmers and food companies in Ontario.

Knowing where your food comes from and supporting small local farmers and food companies is important to us. We believe that by buying local and from people in your community, we all benefit.

We provide you with weekly access to fresh local ingredients , sourced directly from our network of small and medium sized farms and food companies. We deliver trusted farm-fresh food to your home every week. 


March 30 (Week 1)

April 6 (Week 2)

April 13 (Week 3)

April 20 ( Week 4)

How to get started?

🍑We are a food box service and offer Fruit, Vegetables, Free Range Meats, Fish, Eggs, Cheese, Fresh Pasta, Baked Goods , Prepared Foods plus much more.

🍓To get started Set up an account

🍉Order the products you would like to receive on a weekly basis. 

🍅Each product gives you the option to select the week you want delivery. (Week 1-4)

🥓We give you the flexibility to order 1 apple, 1 carrot, 1 potato, 1 steak etc.

🌶Once we receive your order online ,we will send you an email with the total amount owing. 

🥒Payment is made via email money transfer.Once payment is received, sit back, relax and we will deliver to your door on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

🏷We do not offer individual pricing for all Fruits, Vegetables, Meats and Seafood. Once we receive your order we will email you a total. All other pricing is displayed on our website. We also offer some fruit, vegetable and meat packages.