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Pre Order Thanksgiving Pasture Raised Fresh Turkey DEPOSIT

Pre Order Thanksgiving Pasture Raised Fresh Turkey DEPOSIT

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When ordering turkeys and other poultry cuts, you may want to order 1- 1.5 lbs per person depending on other items being served and desire for leftovers. Price is $5.99/lb plus $15.00 delivery fee

Delicious pasture-raised, GMO-Free, Drug-Free turkey. This is a fresh Turkey not frozen. We are expecting a high demand for Turkeys this year. We suggest you reserve one now. We realize you may not know your plans yet, the deposit will secure you a Turkey.

Add this item to your cart to place a deposit on a whole turkey that will be ready just in time for this Thanksgiving! Deliveries will occur on Thursday October 6th. Balance due the day before delivery.

Turkeys will range between 12-24 lbs approx. please put in notes your preference for size. 

Pasture raised turkeys are free to eat grass, bugs, seeds, worms, and all the other stuff turkeys are supposed to eat. These aren’t the same as wild turkeys and are still bred for size, juiciness, etc. Since they aren’t just stuck in a cage and fed turkey feed the meat develops a much richer flavor. Don’t get suckered into labels like “free range” or “organic”. Free range only means the turkeys have “access” to open air but that “access” is usually little more than a small door in the barn that leads to an overcrowded pen outside.



Pasture raised turkeys eat what turkeys are supposed to eat. Bugs, grass, plants, seeds, nuts, berries, and stuff you find in a pasture make up most of a turkey’s normal diet.Because of this diet and activity the pasture raised turkeys develop a much deeper, more complex flavor than the standard bird you can get at the grocery store.