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1/4 Grass Finished Beef (55-75 meals for family of 4)

1/4 Grass Finished Beef (55-75 meals for family of 4)

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Feel like you’re always going to the grocery store? Buying a quarter of beef is a great way to save time, money, and keep you out of the self-checkout line. 


72 Ground Beef 
1 Round Roast
2 Eye of the round roasts
1 Sirloin tip roast
3 Blade roasts
3 marrow bones
5 Stewing beef packs

You will receive approximately 110-120 lb of actual cuts. A great way to stock the freezer.


How Many Meals Are in a 1/4 of Beef

A 1/4 of beef has approximately 55 – 75 meals for a family of 4 -5 People. 

How Long Will My 1/4 of Beef Supply Last?

A quarter of beef will supply you with beef meals for about 20-30 weeks when enjoying beef 2-3 times per week as a family of 4-5 people.


What Size of Freezer Do I Need for a 1/4 of Beef?

A general rule is about 1 cu. feet of freezer space per 35-40 lbs of cut and wrapped meat.  You will need slightly more space for odd shaped packages, such as bones.  Plus, you will want to leave some space if it’s not a dedicated freezer.  Therefore, a side of beef will need about 5-6 cu. feet of freezer space to be safe.


  • It takes less space than you think

  • It eliminates multiple stops at the grocery store

  • It reduces the weekly grocery bill

  • It helps with planning meals

  • Provides options for last minute meals

  • Gives you access to the highest quality meat