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You can select the exact meats you want or select a meat package. Meats are delivered twice a month.We do not show individual pricing. 

Once we receive your order we will email you your total. Payment is made by email money transfer. 


Most meat in commercial grocery stores come from a broken system that in the process damages farmers, animals, and the environment.We have partnered with farms that raise animals the right way: on pasture, eating what they’re meant to eat. 

Our meat products range from $4 to $35+/lb, and we offer a very different product from what you see in a grocery store. 

We believe meat that costs a few dollars per pound actually costs far more than that… in environmental destruction, the animal’s lack of well being, and long-term human health. 

Our animals are raised on Ontario pastures, moved regularly, never fed antibiotics, and have plenty of space to enjoy their lives. They are raised by humans, not machines, on farms that are slowly rebuilding Canada’s agricultural heritage.  And you can taste the difference!

 Some of our farmers are certified organic by Pro-Cert and SPCA certified. We also have a farm that is certified halal by HMA ( Halal Monitoring Authority). For more information about each farm please reach out to discuss.