Upcoming Delivery Dates: Dec 1 (Wk 1),Dec 8 (Wk 2), Dec 15( Wk 3), Dec 22 ( Wk 4)


You can select the exact vegetables you want by week or select a package. Your choice. We do not show individual pricing. 
Once we receive your order we will email you your total. Payment is made by email money transfer. 
Vegetables are delivered every Thursday.  



We source as many vegetables as possible from small, local family farms near Toronto. We've spent time developing our relationships with our farmers and artisans. We believe in personal relationships, sourcing food from people who grow the food themselves and feed it to their own families. We'll always try to include as much local produce in the baskets as we can. At certain times of the year we'd struggle to have enough fresh vegetables to go around so we do source from further abroad. We also offer things we can't grow here (like bananas) so there's always a good variety of produce available.